Top 5 Reasons Lacrosse is Growing in Popularity

Lacrosse is truly a challenging sport. With intense action, this hard hitting game is widely enjoyed across the world. Men, women, and even youngsters play the sport. From North America to Europe, the game continues to expand. There are even annual tournaments held. These include field, box, women, college, and international lacrosse championships. In recent years, the sport has soared in popularity. The top five reasons for the sports growing popularity are:


1. Summer Lacrosse

The summer months have a lot to do with growing popularity of lacrosse. It is the time when most lacrosse championships are held. Canada has even designated lacrosse as its National Summer Sport. Like field hockey, the object of lacrosse is very simple. You score points by striking a rubber ball into your opponent’s net. This is performed by long-handled racquet, known as a lacrosse stick. This might seem easy but it requires tact and true precision. From carrying and passing to striking, this full contact sport continues to rise in popularity. All team players must also wear defensive gear, which protects them from head and neck injuries. Lacrosse is even featured in several sports media outlets. This includes magazines and full game coverage on ESPN. The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship boasts the highest attendance of any NCAA championship. Similarly, the Canadian collegiate league has 12 impressive varsity teams.

2. Youth Lacrosse

The game is especially popular with the youth. Like soccer and ice hockey, lacrosse is fully established as a competitive sport. Youth lacrosse has contributed to the game’s overall popularity. From high school to college teams, the game promotes physical fitness and true sportsmanship. Many students are taking up lacrosse, due to its fast paced competition. Their participation can also lead to a wealth of new sporting endeavors. Major League Lacrosse, MLL, is the sport’s commercial entity. Like other leagues, they hold training camps and tryouts every year. As students aspire to be the best, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase their lacrosse skills.

3. Women’s Lacrosse

Another reason for the game’s popularity is women. Unlike other sports, lacrosse allows women to enhance their skills and truly build a future. With light contact, women across the globe play this wonderful sport. They even have a Women’s Lacrosse World Cup, which was hosted by Prague last year.


4. International Lacrosse

International lacrosse has also contributed to its popularity. From outdoor to indoor play, over 25 countries with multiple leagues participate. The leagues are based in North America, Europe, and Scandinavia.

5. Lacrosse Tradition

A final reason for the sports growing popularity is tradition. There are several Native American teams that keep the sport alive. From the Iroquois Nationals to the ILF, lacrosse remains immensely popular. As long as there is interest, the sport will continue to expand on global levels.

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