SUV Pet Barrier – Keep a Pet Safely in the Rear of a Vehicle

Protect a pet on the go with an entirely adjustable, reliable and strong SUV pet barrier.

A vehicles safety cage, constructed in a wire mesh or heavy-gauge tubing, is designed to span 28 to 50-inch in height x 36 to 70-inch in width, and fits most models of SUVs, crossover vehicles, wagons, and trucks with extended cabs, vans, to 2-door cars. A modern, sleek-styled barrier aims to appear aesthetically pleasing, does not appear overly ‘cagey’, and gives complete sight for the rear view mirror.

For complete ease in installing, a dog partition is equipped with adjustable rungs to assist in setting the ideal width and height to achieve a firm, stable hold. A vehicle accessory of this nature often comes with a universal construction, although for the larger-sized vehicles, an extension kit with extra cage parts or rungs might be a requirement.

Some of the useful features to a containment barrier consist of soft or non-marring polyurethane pads to avoid marks on a vehicles carpet or headliner, as well as to stop rattling noises, a finishing coat in a non-reflective paint to avoid glare spots, and the ability to install in minutes – without a need for tools.


Besides the SUV barriers to restrict a pet to the rear cargo area, a front-seat safety barrier creates a safe partition between the front seat passengers and active dogs sitting on the rear seats. An ideal option to stop pets interfering with the driving or a vehicles operation, and serves as a perfect choice for SUV’s to small cars.

Whether it is for a full of energy Dalmatian or very affable Beagle, a dog containment barrier is the ideal piece of equipment to confine a lively pet to the back of a vehicle, out of harms way, with more comfort and eliminating distraction.

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