Shuffleboard – Not Just For Old Folks on Cruise Ships

Shuffleboard is an addictive two player game that starts with both players standing at one end of the table. First, a coin toss decides who gets the first shot and what color that player is going to be for the duration of the game. The second player to shoot gets the privilege to play the last shot of the game. The first player starts the game by pushing the puck towards the end of the shuffleboard and scoring a point. The second player then plays a shot to overtake first player’s puck. The game has a total of eight shots with each player taking alternate shots. The player with the puck nearest to scoring area after all of the shots are made is the winner of the game.


The shuffleboard tables can be assembled anywhere so the game can be enjoyed in parks, gaming centers or at home. This game can be played conveniently outdoors when the weather is beautiful or indoors on those rainy or snowy days. The room dimensions must be taken into consideration when purchasing tables but because they come in so many sizes finding the right fit shouldn’t be a problem. Most common are 12 to 14 feet in size.

The players practicing for tournaments or shuffleboard table leagues may not find home shuffleboard tables suitable as they are smaller in size than professional tables thus they have less room for scoring.

Laminated wood is the usual material used for making these tables. The tables are often handmade and covered by polymer or silicone for a slick surface. To keep the surface smooth and clean, you can use shuffleboard wax or powder. Quality woods like maple and walnut are used for the higher quality and most expensive shuffle board tables.

The shuffleboard tables are available in two versions: with gutters or with cushioned bank boards. Both options employ different playing rules. In the shuffleboard tables with gutters, the weights that get off the board are considered out while the shuffleboard table with cushioned banks have rules similar to pool or billiards. In this, the pucks can move and jump positions and can also be shot out of the scoring area.

Shuffleboard is a very interesting and addictive game that can be played by almost anyone. The shuffleboard tables are very long lasting and surprisingly affordable too. They offer a perfect way to relax and to unwind with friends and loved ones.

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