Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers Are Here to Help You Eat Healthy!

Cuisinart ice cream makers can be smart and cheap companion in your healthy food preparation. They can help you get excuse for that second helping of ice cream!

Because the summer is here, and we crave something light, cold and refreshing what is better in this hot weather than the scoop of frozen cream? Usually this desert has a reputation of unhealthy one. It depends how you look at it and how is made. Store bought products are sugary and unhealthy, because of unhealthy ingredients (mostly high in sugars). Not a healthy choice. But change ingredients to healthy ones and it becomes a healthy choice. We can control what we eat and what we use for preparation of our snacks!

5 tips to make healthy ice cream:


– use fresh fruit

Fresh fruit has more anti-oxidants and tastes better.

– use Greek or organic yogurt

Greek yogurt is good source of healthy pro-biotics,calcium and potassium. Lowers high blood pressure and regulates the digestion.

– do not use sugar

Some times natural sweetness of fruit is enough. Our taste buds are spoiled and do not recognize natural sweet taste, but after few days of weaning from sugary snacks, they will recognize the natural sweetness of food.

– use fruit with high content of fiber

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and kiwi are high in fiber (and taste so good) and in summer are available from local markets. Fiber is healthy and helps in weight control.

– add protein mix in protein

Protein will give high value to the cream and can be a great snack after intensive exercise. It helps muscles to regenerate and replenish faster and will keep you full longer.

For home ice cream preparation I would recommend one of Cuisinart ice cream makers. Regular or Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker. You can make your own ice cream in 20 minutes, with healthy choice of fruit, low fat milk or even better, the Greek yogurt. Take charge of your health and diet now and have an excuse for that second serving of desert!

Making your own healthy frozen cream, frozen yogurt or smoothie you can have a heavenly treat, not feel guilty, lose weight, because the fruit has fiber and it suppresses your appetite and get your healthy diet on right track. Mixing your own frozen fruity smoothies or frozen cream at home you can get even more than 5 servings of fruit (recommended daily portions) into your diet. Mix it with yogurt and you are half way through your daily recommended portions of diary and you will have a reason to ask for seconds and not feel guilty.

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