A Golf Hitting Net – 2 Reasons You’ll Hit it Further by Using One

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It’s the plight of every golfer to want to hit it farther and straighter. What’s the big secret of those guys that can rip it 300+ off the tee? There are 2 important characteristics that all big hitters of the golf ball have: Solid ball contact, and  higher swing speeds. This article will show you how using a golf hitting net, we can effortlessly develop these characteristics and become big hitters ourselves.


  1. The Golf Hitting Net and Solid Ball Striking- When you think back to a very solid shot you have hit in the past, a few recollections may come to mind. You felt that the shot was perfect when you hit it. You heard the perfect contact on the club. In fact, you probably didn’t even need to look at the shot to know it was going far and straight. Using a golf hitting net naturally magnifies the focus onto the impact of the golf ball, which helps you be able to repeat the solid contact. Focusing more on impact and less on the end result of the shot develops solid ball contact. Solid ball contact breeds more distance and straighter shots versus off-line glancing blows to the ball.
  2. Developing Higher Swing Speed With A Golf Hitting Net–  The 2  most important factors that results in a high swing speed are flexibility and strength. One way we can develop this is by engaging in stretching exercises and strength training in the gym. Another, more simple method, is to just swing the club more often! It can be difficult to make it to the gym, and even more difficult to make it to the practice range- especially during the week or off-season. Having a golf hitting net naturally strengthens your golf muscles and keeps them in shape. This is a big secret to gaining distance.


So one can see that just the act of hitting into a golf net can develop solid ball striking, strength and flexibility, which translates into more power in your long game.

A Golf Hitting Net Can Dramatically Improve Your Game…But Is It Practical?

Make sure you get a golf hitting net with the right features so you can use ALL your clubs, and you won’t be shattering windows.